Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Iontophoresis update

Hi everyone, I've had a few requests for updates on how my iontophoresis treatment is working. I have not done a treatment for the past month and a half. The regimen takes time and dedication, and I let more and more time slip by. Also, I was curious to see what would happen.

Can cats have hyperhidrosis? (-;
I'm VERY happy. My hands are still a little sweaty but not as bad as before. And my feet are a little sweaty in my socks, even if my feet are cold. But it is much better than before. The worst is in yoga class, where I need to lay towels down on the mat so I don't slip. There's nothing worse than a downward dog where my hands are slowly inching forward on the mat...maybe I should just let the slippage continue until I slip into a plank position. I guess I just look ultra-tough to the other students.

Nevertheless, I'm going to start up a new round of iontophoresis about once a week or two because I don't like having damp socks.

My main focus these days is on my work, my family, and a small personal improvement project--I'm trying to become better at listening to others and tuning in to their facial expressions. I think people with social anxiety are not able to do this so well because they are so focused on their own anxiety and wondering what everyone thinks of them. So I'm dedicating the next few months to tuning into other people. It's not as easy as it sounds...

How is everyone else doing? Thanks for your continued comments and support...I'm so grateful that my words are being read!



Jason Ellis said...

That's really awesome. I've heard that iontophoresis works for nearly 80% of all people who try it. Not sure if that's a true statistic buy hey - it's encouraging right? :)

I myself was able to use Drysol in combination with ionto to get my hands completely dry. That said, I still have to engage in treatments once every 10 days or so to maintain the results. Glad you're having some luck with it!

Tiara said...

Jason, I am glad to hear that Drysol and iontophoresis is working for you. The treatment is so much better than risking the scary side effects of surgery! Every 10 days is not bad. How long have you been doing this treatment?

ahmad yusof said...

so,,, can cats have hyperhidrosis?? :P