Friday, February 14, 2014

Dripping and dancing

I took a break from the iontophoresis, and my hands have been sweating a lot. In fact, during a meeting for work last week, I noticed wet spots on my pants and the carpet. My hands were actually dripping so much that it caused these wet spots.

I need to get back to the iontophoresis.

I am thinking of taking a swing dancing class, but I don't know if I (or my partners) would enjoy it with my dripping wet palms. Hopefully I can get the iontophoresis going quickly. In the meantime, is it acceptable to wear gloves while dancing? Any suggestions would be much appreciated.



REFILWE said...

OMG!!!!!!! i have to admit that im in love with your blog*as i type on my laptop with bits of sweat remaining on the keyboard!*

you know i have been using the iontophoresis for a couple of months,the stuff is good though,now its like i cant keep up with replacing the batteries. therefore there are periods when i relapse back to dripping palms and its depressing whats worse is im in a medical school and we have to do practical on patients and me being me im always too scared to even tpuch them,oh well STORY OF MY LIFE! but i will try to stay positive its people like you who keep me going even when i feel like giving up

thank you Tiara

miraDry said...

Hi! Don't you wanna try miraDry? Just read about it. :D