Thursday, April 27, 2006

I'm not sure if anyone has read my blog yet. How do you get people to read a blog? I write for a living, so I could figure this out, but I don't feel like it just yet. I'm not quite ready for a lot of attention yet. But it would be nice to get a few comments.

An April 20 NPR story by Allison Aubrey covers a study on the use of botox to prevent excessive sweating in teens. I've explored this option with my dermatologist, and he said that first we must prove to the medical insurance companies that Drysol (now it has a different name, Hypercare) doesn't work for me. If I were to pay out of pocket, it would cost $2,400 to treat just my hands for 3-6 months. I feel like I can live with the sweat. But it's so easy to slip back into habits I developed as a teenager to hide my condition. If I found a medical cure for the sweat, would I feel normal in social situations? Probably not right away, but it would be a big help.

I saw a newspaper story about a teen leadership program. There was a picture of happy teenagers learning to dance with partners. If I had been a teen in that room, I would have fled. There was no way I would let someone hold my sweaty hands. Sometimes they used to get so sweaty I see drip marks on the ground, or wet marks on my cuffs. Nor would I have let anyone see my anxiety. I would have pretended that the event or the people didn't matter to me, that I had better things to do. When deep down, I needed so much to feel closer to others.

If anyone is reading this...what do you do to hide your hyperhidrosis?


Grace said...

Hi! i like reading your posts. i saw that you commented on no one commenting. i know, how are people just going to search for some random paragraph to read. you actually seem a lot like me! (I have those awkward work situations all the time!) i am not even shy around people I am close with but people that you want to like you are the propblem. Don't worry there are other girls who know just how you feel! ;)

Tiara said...

Thanks for your response, Grace! Do you have a blog?

Mike L. said...


I'm new to your blog and I decided to read your posts from 2006 on (I have a lot of catch up). Anyway, I'm happy to see that there are other people out there with HH and that talking about our experiences and how to cope, helps out greatly. I've always been a huge soccer buff, playing, coaching and refereeing. One way I hide my HH is to wear soccer jerseys all the time. It hides the wet pits, but with the sweaty palms, I just fist bump. People are not used to it, but all I say is, "that's how I do it." Thanks for the posts and I look forward to reading them all!