Sunday, May 08, 2011

Iontophoresis: Delayed Treatment

As I posted two months ago, I now have a prescription for iontophoresis. Out of pocket, this unit will cost about $600-800 USD, and given all we pay for health insurance, I of course am trying to get my health insurance company to pay for it. The details are too boring and repetitive to share, but in short, I'm getting bounced between the insurance company (who tells me I have the wrong code for the device), the device manufacturer (who says I have the right code), my doctor (who says I should go through a medical device company in order to get covered), and medical device companies, whose representatives claim they have not heard of the iontophoresis unit and won't call me back as promised. Life is so hectic right now and I simply don't have the time during business hours to spend hours on the phone with all of these entities. I am going to take a vacation day just to get around to it. Or show up in person at the medical device supplier myself.

I hope I can work this out soon as I would really like to wear sandals this summer!




Anonymous said...

Have you managed to get the machine?

Debbie said...

Were you able to begin using this device? I am very anxious as my 15 year old daughter has been referred to it and it will not be covered by any type of insurance. I don't want to risk spending the money if this device has negative reviews. Of course the site is going to show only positive testimonials. Are you in a position to give a recommendation?

Bombolino said...

Hi Tiara,

Did you ever start iontophoresis? Many years ago, I used a pair of battery-driven plastic devices made by the General Medical company... I was sufficiently unimpressed that I let them go at some point. I'm thinking of trying again and was curious about your experience.


Tiara said...

Debbie, It has worked for me so far, but I can't guarantee it would work for your daughter. According to the International Hyperhidrosis Society, iontophoresis has an 83 percent success rate (source:

I was able to get it covered by might be surprised. I remember that had some resources to help patients appeal to insurance companies for coverage.

Another option is that you can rent the device for one month for around $125. Some of the money could go towards the purchase. One month will be long enough to tell if it works.