Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Iontophoresis fatigue

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I have not been doing iontophoresis as often as before, and my hands are sweaty once again. Tomorrow, I am giving a speech and will need to shake hands. I wish that I had kept up my iontophoresis regimen. One reason I had stopped was that I had small cracks on my hands from winter dryness. I finally found something that helped: Eucerin's Aquaphor cream in a little tub. Now that the dry skin is healed, I need to begin the treatments again.

I went to a memorial service for a friend who died in her early 50s of breast cancer. The service was beautiful and meaningful. Attending the service made me think about what would happen if I died today? Have I lived the life I want to lead? Have I spent enough time with the people I love? Have I worked hard and enjoyed myself?

While I am sad about my friend's passing, I am glad I had the chance to be inspired by a well-lived life. And I am glad that I had a chance to reflect on the bigger picture, for I am much more than sweaty palms and feet, though they are part of who I am.



Anonymous said...

Super glue will work to cover the cracks in your skin quickly and allow you to keep doing the "Ionto" treatments without waiting for it to heal. I found this easier than having to use Vaseline or similar to cover the cuts, cracks, etc each time I did the treatments. They use a medical grade super glue for surgeries...not exactly the same formulation but regular super glue will do the trick.

Anonymous said...

I just got the machine,what schedule do you use it for? My doctor suggested 3 times a week.

venki said...

any side effects use this machine

Anonymous said...

For the small cracks use Vaseline over them at time of treatment to stop the pain. Or super glue will help with a very sparing amount.

I would look into dehydral or antihydral it works to stop the sweating and is best thing I have used. And I have tried a lot

Zia Mansour said...


Every machine has its side effects when it comes to treatment methods. To be honest, I would recomment something totally simple. It is not a joke because I personally had similar problems for the long period of my life. And once upon a time I came across zeromarks. Initially I was very sceptical towards that stuff. I put to the inside of my shirt and waited eagerly for results. My prejudices turned out to be totally groundless. I finally got of sweat marks without ruining my clothes.