Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day special: A great catch!

The boyfriend of a hyperhidrosis blogger (Just A Little Sweat) wrote about what it's like to date someone with hyperhidrosis. Anyone who's frustrated with dating should read this post. If they're worth dating, they will be understanding of your hyperhidrosis. And chances are it won't be as big of a deal to them as it is to you.



army of lovers said...

Dear Tiara,

I chanced upon your blog after googling HH diary. It comes as to no surprise that I suffer from HH as well, and indeed, I share the sentiments in regards to its impact on our lifestyle, social setting and confidence.

Have you watched the new disney movie "Frozen"? I'm an adult myself, but disney somehow always find the inner child in us.. haha anyway, I found the movie to be quite applicable to myself, and perhaps other severe HH sufferers may be able to agree. We live in the fear we have set up before us, the fear of shaking someone's hand, or afraid how much people might judge us in a social setting seeing the amount of sweat.. that we don't realise we push the people who love us, away in frustration and in fear. I may not be speaking for the general HH sufferers, but I speak for myself.

I want to "Let it go" and be free. I think as long as we find ways around to coping with the sweating, be it bringing a small towel around or taking regular showers, I believe we can all find our happiness, in loving ourselves for who we are. I am different, in terms of HH, and hopefully the day I truly come to embrace myself for who I am, I will be free, sweaty and happy.

Finallyfree said...

I'm a 69 year old female. Had HH since early 20's. Palms would sweat so bad it would puddle and run. Feet would swest so bad they would slip out of sandals. Dr put me on Robinul Forte 2 mg 3 times a day to start. Was able to reduce dosage to twice daily and keep HH under control most of the time , with occassional episodes of heavy sweating. Last year I discovered accupuncture. Went for 9 or 10 appts. HH gradually stopped. Go 3 times a for maintenance. No more HH. What a blessing. My life was always good but wonderful now. If you suffer from HH do ypurself a favor and try accupuncture. My first visit was $80. Each additional visit was $65. Some insurance will pay. Mine did not. Good luck to all who suffer.

Finallyfree said...

I'm 69 year old female who has suffered from extreme HH since mid 20's after taking fertility pills. Sweating was so extreme that it would puddle and rum from palms and feet. Dr put me on Robinul Forte 2 mg after 10 years of misery. Works most of time. However, still had some bouts of excessive sweating. Was so bad last year did research and tried accupuncture. Went 9 or 10 times. HH gradually stopped. Yes , stopped ! Have been back once, with 5 months between visits. Will have maintenance appts several times year,as needed. Try it. It really changed my life. Truely hope it does.for you too. Some insurance will pay. Medicare does not. First visit was $80. Additional visits were $65. I am really into handshaking now ! Good luck to all.

Anonymous said...

I am surprised to discover this blog it has given me hope for the future. Since middle school I suffered from hyperhidrosis it progressed in high school. I started to experience anxiety and it made my sweating worse. Until last year I went to a dermatologist for the sweating I was prescribed HYpercare. Did not help much so I tried to forget my problems and avoided doing things. But now I realize I can't live like this and also my anxiety has started to give me symptoms of gastritis. So I am just blessed with problems , illness too its great. (Sarcasm)