Thursday, July 27, 2006

1. Interview Update
2. Dispatch From the Back of A Bus
3. Party on in Canada

1. The company that interviewed me last week expressed interest in giving me a job offer; now we're negotiating salary. Apparently, someone who works there knows someone who knows me, and that person gave me a glowing recommendation. I have yet to figure out who these people are, but it feels good to know that people are saying good things about me behind my back. If they set up another office appointment, would it help if I wore my tiara this time? (-:

2. Today, I met a neighbor on the bus on the way home. My sweaty palms were the last thing on my mind; I was more concerned with getting home in time so I could enjoy a bite of the Swiss chocolate and pistachio bar in my grocery bag. Anyhooow, the neighbor shook my hand. I noticed that her hand seemed pretty dry and that mine seemed wet. The conversation continued; it seemed that the sweat was no big deal to her, and I suppose that was was in part because it wasn't a big deal to me. As I get older, I find myself caring less about these sorts of things. I suppose it's one of the benefits of aging.

3. Oh, by the way...Happy Hyperhidrosis Month to all my Canadian readers!

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