Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Wah! Bah!

I had a perfectly fine day today...had two sweet e-mails from friends and enjoyed a nice lunch at a Thai restaurant with another friend. My sweetie was planning my birthday celebration next week. I didn't feel nervous or self-conscious. But by the end of the day, my knee highs were stained black from my shoes and I had blisters on my feet from where my sweaty skin rubbed against the leather. I know I should consider using Drysol on my feet (that's what the doctor said), but I don't want the aligator skin it leaves me with!

All day I saw women parading around hoseless and sockless in their beautiful open-toe sandals and heels. Yes, indeed, I felt lust in my heart...for the shoes. Meanwhile, I was wearing knee highs on this humid 92 degree day. Just when I think this sweaty hands/feet thing is getting better...Waah!

(BTW, I hate to whine about my footwear fiascos today, given the terrible news. You read an article like that and it puts everything in perspective...so now that my whining is over, it's time to say a prayer for the victims and their families, then move on to do whatever I can to bring some loving energy to this world while I'm here.)

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Anonymous said...


im a guy and it sucks not being able to wear sandles/slippers... all the dirt, dust, sand and things will stick. and not to mention the blisters..