Monday, August 28, 2006

Hi, I am back from vacation with a completely different life from the one I had before:
* My boyfriend and I are now engaged. He proposed to me on top of a mountain...very sweet and romantic.
* I accepted the job I interviewed for in early August.

Amid these changes, the hyperhidrosis is sitting comfortably in the back seat of my life. It's not something I worry about daily, but it's still there. And every once in a while it demands my attention. I wish I could pacify it with a movie or a snack like a kid in a mini-van. There, there, sweaty go away! And I'm still dedicated to producing something that will be helpful to people who have the medical condition, including myself.

My fiancee (that phrase still seems so new to me!) and I are going to go shopping for a ring soon. I must admit that I'm in no hurry to buy the rock. First, I'm not a big fan of the out-of-control wedding industry. Second, I'm not looking forward to people holding my hand and examining the ring. When this happens, if people say 'your hands are so sweaty!' I vow to say in a matter-of-fact way, 'Why, yes they are.' And I'm not going to look ashamed.

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