Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The Engagement Ring

My fiancee asked me if I wanted him to surprise me with an engagement ring or if I'd prefer that we shop together. I opted for the latter, and that was his preference too. We've been engaged for about five weeks now, and we have yet to go shopping. I suppose we're both procrastinating, dreading the wedding industry sharks with dollar signs in their eyes. One friend said that one store only shows ring prices to men. The idea is that the brides-to-be will fall in love with a really expensive rock, and hey...you love her enough to buy it, right? Right???

I must admit that it's not just weddingindustryphobia that is holding me back. I'm anxious about having my sweaty palms exposed during the shopping experience and after the purchase when people want to check out my ring. I tell myself "it's not about the ring...the ring doesn't really matter." But the truth is that I would like a ring. Doesn't need to be the biggest rock in the world, just something that I would feel happy wearing and that is within our budget.

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Windy Lampson said...

I went through that same thing!!! It was supposed to be fun looking at and trying on rings, but it was EXTREMELY stressful for me- Good luck, and try not to stress about it as much as I did!