Saturday, October 20, 2007

Yoga: Yes, it's for people with hyperhidrosis too!

I had an epiphany during a recent yoga class. No, I didn't attain nirvana or a state of total consciousness. And maybe epiphany is too strong a's what happened: I saw an attractive young woman with a happy aura doing yoga in her socks. The teacher suggested that she remove her socks, and she said "No, I need to keep them feet slip around too much." Her statement was matter-of-fact and absent of any shame or self-consciousness. The teacher said something along the lines of "yes, that happens a lot."

After the class, I spoke with the sweaty-footed yogini. We swapped tips on how to prevent skids on the mat. I use a little towel at the top of my mat, and I have one mat in particular that seems to absorb sweat while remaining sticky. There are also yoga towels that have a rubber backing that clings to the mat.

I had avoided yoga for so long because I didn't want to be embarassed by my sweaty feet, but if anything, yoga has improved my hyperhidrosis.



Anonymous said...

I had some luck with Yoga Paws
But if left on too long they can make you get sweat blisters, etc.

Anonymous said...

I took yoga for the first time this winter. I left my socks on because of my super sweaty feet. I live in New York so it is cold in the winter so I could have used that as an excuse. But neither my teacher nor anyone else in the classroom made a big deal about it. I have come to realize that a lot of people have problems with sweaty feet and are also embarrassed to speak up about. if my teacher made a big deal about the socks, i felt comfortable enough to just say my feet sweat a lot and feel more comfortable with socks on. Not everyone is built the same way, and I think other people can understand that. I still enjoyed yoga very much and did very well in it. Don't let sweat stop you from doing things, life is too short.