Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Loving your sweaty hands and feet

Is it possible to love the sweat that causes us so much pain? As a teenager, that seemed impossible. But a series of events has allowed me to shift my perspective. First, a boyfriend of many years held my hand and told me that he loved my sweaty palms. He had to say it over and over again before I could believe him. Once I let it sink in, I could release much of the pain I felt over my hyperhidrosis. I had built a wall around my pain to protect myself, but such walls hinder your ability to let yourself fully enjoy the love of another person.

Later, as part of my meditation practice, I began doing the lovingkindness meditation, a Buddhist practice in which you consciously direct loving thoughts to yourself and others, including people whom you find difficult. After much practice, I was able to direct love and compassion to my sweaty hands and feet.

I don't love my sweaty hands and feet all the time, but little by little, I am learning the art of lovingkindness.

If you are interested in lovingkindness meditation, you might try Sharon Salzberg's excellent CDs on the subject.

Now I'm going to love myself even more and log off the computer so I can relax! (-:


P.S. Let's keep the people of Burma in our thoughts and prayers. Here's how to help.


La La said...

Wow! I can't believe I found you! I tried doing yoga last night and just started crying because my hands and feet just drip and I slip all over the mat.

I've suffered with this disorder ever since I can remember!

I had the surgery in 1997, and it helped with my hands, but they still get pretty damp. They used to just DRIP water all day long as if I'd just washed them and didn't dry them off!

My feet are almost always soaked. The surgery didn't help with that. Also, as a result of the surgery (I don't know if I'd do that surgery again, btw), I now have what's called compensatory sweating, so my entire torso sweats all the time and my butt sweats through my underwear and pants. It's so embarrassing!

Anyway, I just want to say I GET IT, and I'm touched by your blog!

I wrote a sweaty hands poem on my blog. It's in the sidebar.

Anonymous said...

I had surgery at the Cleveland Clinic in 1975. It definitely stopped the sweating of my hands, but I, too, have the compensatory sweating of the torso, back, butt, legs, and worst of all - feet! I have learned to dress around my problems, including shoes and have found the wonderful "Summer Soles" that help tremendously in the summer with sandals, etc. Go to www.summersoles.com to find this product. I hate my sweaty feet, but what are we gonna do???

Phil said...

Im 27 yo male and at times my feet and palms sweat for what seems like no reason. this has been linked to psychics and therapudic touch (healing) I have had experiences with both. If you have a feeling of enery and warmth in these parts of your body this may be the case. If this is the case take it and use it as it is a gift from god no surgery will help. hit me up phillyphil027@gmail.com