Thursday, January 22, 2009

The hidden costs of hyperhidrosis anxiety

We can only expend 100 percent of our energy at any given time. Social anxiety, hyperhidrosis' evil twin sibling, can take a big percentage of one's energy. For me, this percentage ranges from 0 to 70 percent, averaging 30 percent. A low level persistent anxiety. Which means that I have only 70 percent to give. I want to give 100 percent. Life is too short!

So how do you get from where I am to being able to give 100 percent of your energy to a cause greater than anxiety--using your talents and your love to make this world a better place or at least help someone feel listened to, loved, and appreciated? Medication? Therapy? Meditation? All of the above? I function pretty well as is, but it would be great to have that extra 30 percent at my disposal.

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