Monday, August 31, 2009

From a reader in Spain

I recently received an e-mail from a woman in her early 30s from Spain. I haven't heard from her again, but I wanted to thank her for her kind words and wish her all the best in her journey. Please write when you have a chance!

I found your blog early this morning and I couldn't stop reading all your post! I can't barely explain to you how happy am I of having found it. I mean I was reading through it and wow! it was just if it was me who was writing it. I mean, there are a lot of thinking and references and experiences that I'm also been through any time in my life that wow!! I do not know at what point I started to cry, but I've been crying for while as I felt so so identified with your words. And you have a special and caring way to write. I'm deeply moved.
Tiara, thank you for you blog, for your support, for you courage... Well, I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one telling you about this magnificent job you're doing in helping other with same condition; but believe me that I'm impressed. You know, when I'd done with the reading I was like "I'd like to have been me the one wrting all these feelings and experiences you have gone through!!" I mean you are so confident about what this condition means in your life that I envy you!!
I've been suffering from HH since I was a child. Both on hands and underams until my teen years and basically on hands from my 20s. Lately it has been a nightmare... I'm also now letting out all rage on this condition I have inside myself and I'm trying to stop hiding this problem. I'm telling others about it and it is not easy at all. The most important thing of all it is that I'm becoming aware of how it has marked my entire life. It's hard but it is doing good on me anyhow.
I would like to share my experiences in your blog. Just let me take my time to write it properly. If you don't mind, I will e-mail to you anytime soon. I've been thinking about setting up my own blog in Spanish (that's why I felt overwhelmed when reading yours) because I think we should let the people know that this condition is something we can't erase from our lives and we need the rest of the world to know about it instead of making fun of people having wet hands. I'm still thinking about it.
I've been through several treatments and I would like to tell others about them. I had botox on my palms in the past and know I'm considering it again. I'm also seriously thinking about having an ETS done in the near future. But I'm dead scared of it.
Be sure that your blog has inspired me and has given hope to me. Please, don't stop sharing with us you day-a-day.

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