Sunday, February 15, 2009

"You know that wet feeling under arms cannot mean good"

Thanks to our anonymous contributor, age 15, for sharing her story. Anyone have words of encouragement for her? Drysol didn't work for her...what else might? Here is her story.

I would prefer not to give my name. But I’m a girl, I'm fifteen years old and this is my story.

When I tell my mother and my friends about my problem, they just don’t understand. They say things like: “It can’t be that bad, I’ve never noticed anything.” But the only reason she doesn’t notice is because I am utterly brilliant at hiding it! In fact, I’ve had three years of practice. I put up with my hyperhidrosis problem for a year, not knowing how serious it was. Then finally, one day, I decided to pucker up the courage and talk to my doctor. She recommended various things like PerspireX and Drysol.. but nothing seemed to work. And now, three years later I am still in the same place I found myself in before. I’m now in high school and I’m sick of putting up with this problem.

Picture this: you’re standing in your science classroom on the third floor. It’s the beginning of February in Canada and it’s cold outside. But for some reason the classroom is hot today. You’re getting all your exam marks and you’re talking to your teacher about the 66% you just got. Sweat begins to trickle at the rim of your forehead. You feel it there and with the sleeve of your sweater (which is already covering your largely stained armpits) you wipe it away. But you’re hot now and feeling red. You need to get out of there. And you can’t concentrate on what your teacher is saying. Finally you leave and enter into the busy hall, constantly wiping your face.

Picture this: it’s the first day of your new classes. There’s new people to meet (cute boys for example) and your next class is just after having gym. You’re sticky and gross. And not in the normal way because no one else from your gym class is that way. You’re hot in the class and you want to take off that sweater of yours but you can't because you know that wet feeling under arms cannot mean good. You get to leave early for a doctor’s appointment, so you grab your bag and race out of that class thankful for being in fresh air once more.

Picture this: You just bought a new shirt. You cannot wait to wear it! …But it was 40$ so you hope it looks good. But you bring a sweater… just in case. You go to your locker and take off your jacket, then remove your sweater. Your new shirt looks great! You head off to class. Time passes. Around twenty minutes to be exact. And you feel it coming. A bead of sweat trickles down your arm. Followed by more and your armpits feel wet and visibly stained. You grab your sweater while trying to hide it. Covering up, you feel more comfortable and relaxed. Fifteen minutes before class you ask to go the washroom. There’s a boy you’re crushing on in your next class and you want to show off by wearing your new shirt. So you pray to God the bathroom is empty and lucky for you it is. You tear off your sweater and stick your armpits under the dryer, desperately trying to remove the stains. It works and you hurry on to class not trying to seem like you were up to something. You wait a few minutes before taking off the sweater as not to look suspicious. It’s time for the next class and you race off, eager to see this boy. He sees you. But about ten minutes into the class you feel it coming on again. You say something like ‘it’s freezing in here!’ and you run to get your sweater.

This is only three examples of what I have to go through everyday. Everyone says ‘oh it’s not that noticeable’ but it’s only because I’m good at hiding. I like looking good. I don’t need to because that’s not the type of thing I necessarily believe in.

We all have our problems. Half the time we choose to hide them from our friends. Half the time they try and make your problem look like nothing compared to theirs. But to me, this hyperhidrosis is ruining my life. All I ever wanted was to feel comfortable. To be pretty. To let boys like me. And I’ve managed so far. I’ve just gotten out of my first real relationship. But w always want more. It’s a new semester with new people and I just want them all to like me.

I’m talking to my doctor and she’s putting me with a specialist. But I hope I get this done fast, because now that I have gym I’m going to be sweating times ten! It’s hard, but if I’ve put up with it for the past three years, I think I’ll manage for a couple more weeks.

I hope all those with this problem find a cure, it’s a terrible thing to have to live with. Especially at the age of adolescents where appearance matters a hundred times more. I hope all those with this problem, I hope your lives turn out great. You deserve it. Putting up with this is not easy, it’s not fair either. But then again, life isn't fair. So good luck.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share this. It is much appreciated.


Anonymous said...

Have you tried Certain Dri? I discovered this amazing product in the middle of my senior year of high school...definitely wish I had found it sooner.

Anonymous said...

I'm 15 too with the same problem
and reading this I just realized I'm not the only one on EARTH who has to go trough this everyday! It's sick that even your parents doesn't get how hard it is to hide every second of your life. My dad always change the subject whenever I talk about it... Imagine your hands, feet, underarms wet all the time.

In class I wear a big black or white sweater , just to hide the wet marks. And the whole summer I haven't been able to wear "open" shoes.


LaLicenciada said...

Dear Tiara and all readers: I have been there. I am there. I'm in my twenties and have suffered witht his for a long time. The palms of my hands and feet drip with sweat. I sweat excissively almost everywhere. My hands are the most bothersome. It makes it hard to do every day things. Shaking hands, holding hands, sorting through documents, typing on a keyboard, holding onto the pole in the subway. I am finally seeking treatment. I will be sure to post about it.


Anonymous said...

I have similar experience like yours. My parents just won't understand the nature of this disorder. Until, I got into medical profession that I learn the nature of it. I'm using Driclor up to this day, and it works for me. I'm thinking of having a surgery. What about you?

Tiara said...

LaLi, what did you decide to do? Please keep us posted!