Friday, June 08, 2012

A free and amazingly gratifying way to feel better about yourself (and maybe even your sweaty hands, too!)

I just received a kind and inspiring letter from a young woman in Canada. She found my blog when she was 12. She is now 16. Her letter came at a time when I was feeling frustrated at work, wondering if I am living a life with meaning and purpose. I am so grateful to her for sharing with me how my work on the blog has helped her. In turn, she has given me a gift.

Today's challenge: Tell someone today that you appreciate them -- and give a specific example of why. It will give the other person a big boost...perhaps help them know they are appreciated and what it is that they can give to others that is needed more in this world. In turn, you are treating your hyperhidrosis. One of the best ways to overcome the negative emotions that come with hyperhidrosis is to give to others. It's so easy to fall into self-obession and self-doubt. Focusing on others and appreciating them does everyone good.


P.S.: For all you overachievers, check out this article: Why Living a Life of Gratitude Can Make You Happier.

P.P.S.: Here the note sent by the 16-year-old Canadian that inspired me so:

Hi Tiara

I came across your "Sweaty Palm Diaries" when I was just 12 years old. I am now 16. Looking life has completely changed. I know we haven't met and probably live miles apart (I live in Canada) but I just wanted to let you know that you are such an inspiration that I hope to be one day. 4 years ago I was a sweaty 12 year old that was completely lost. I was confused and upset and worse of it all: I was upset with God. "Why me, God?" I would plead but not get an answer. Then I came across your forum and wow..the positivity you put into your life..keep goin' because wow it does help others like myself ;) One of your best posts was a sweaty hands poem and I cried so hard. I cried because at least so many good things can come from sweaty hands. But one of the most treasurable gifts you have passed onto me was Matthew 5:14 and to this day I try to live by it day by day. I know God gave me sweaty hands for a reason: he knew I could handle it. Also I just finished a presentation yesterday and like you I want to improve on my public speaking (I'm a very talkative person and it's a shame HH has takien a tole on me but I fight it with courage and taking on more challenges day by day! :)) We only live once and I know the most important is living freely and honouring God. Thank you so much Tiara, from a sweaty comrade. Keep inspiring millions of people because we need more people like you. I hope to carry your positivity with me throughout my whole life. I really hope to meet you one day. God Bless.


Hannah said...

Hi Tiara

I'm so happy you received my post! And even made a page for it! (I have to say I was really touched and cried a really are such an inspiration to me.) I was soo excited and thrilled when you replied back, you made my day :) It was just by chance that I came across your blog after 4 years, still coping with this condition. I didn't even know you were still writing these types of blogs!! What luck :) It was in the middle of the night when I was rushing to post the letter onto your blog which really helped in my dealing with HH. I'm so happy you replied. Thank you so much for appreciating my letter: it means a lot knowing there are people like you who understand what it's like to live with HH that can really affect our lives. I have a severe type of HH (palmar, plantar, axillary) but the hands bother me most. Right now I'm still looking for solutions (hence..for the past 4 years I still am!!) and nothing has worked. I've tried tea, name it! I just had my first dermatologist appointment a week ago and I've concluded that the best option is iontophoresis. I've heard of Drionic but it's just that it's a little expensive and also finding hospitals that supply with the iontophoresis treatment is hard where I live. I just don't want it to get in the way of my passions/dreams (I play the guitar and drama which uses your hands ALOT.) So my question to you Tiara is: How did you lessen the severity of your Hyperhidrosis? Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again for acknowledging my post :) I'm so happy that I brightened someone else's day. Take care & God Bless.

My email is if you want to reach me personally.


MGZ0257 said...

At least you don't go to catholic school with lots of church and praying >.<....

Tiara said...

Actually, I'm very familiar with Catholic school. Sweat stains on yellow uniform shirts. And coincidentally I always had to go to the bathroom every time we were about to shake or hold hands.