Friday, August 31, 2007

By142's Moisture Absorb--has anyone tried it?

Thanks to Heather for sending me a tip about a new hyperhidrosis product, By142 Moisture Absorb, which is supposed to absorb wetness on your hands or feet. One question...where does the moisture go?

Has anyone heard of this product or tried it? Will I finally be able to wear strappy sandals without sliding out of them, or is it another HH scam? It costs $30 for 1.7 ounces...rather pricey, but if it worked, I would pay.
Here's a link to the product:
Looks like you can buy it online but Nordstrom's also sells it.
Please keep the tips coming!



Heather said...

Well I tried it (this is Heather who told you about the product) and it didn't work, of course. All it did was turn my hands into a goopy mess. I was expecting it to at least feel like hand sanitizer but it was more of a lotion and didn't absorb ANY sweat at all. Oh well. Hope they have a return policy!

Tiara said...

Sorry to hear it didn't work, Heather. There are so many products out there that are supposed to treat HH but don't. And believe me, I've wasted enough money on them too! For example, the drionic unit I paid for with my babysitting money as a teenager...oh well!

Anonymous said...

have you guys tried maxim from corad healthcare? Or Botox treatments are also now available for more severe cases.