Friday, February 22, 2013

Botox everywhere...but who can afford it?

An NBC News Blog recently published an article about various uses for Botox, including treatment of excessive sweat. A woman interviewed for the article had Botox injected in her fingers and on her palms, and the resulting dryness enabled her to get fingerprinted without smearing the ink. Here is a video of such a procedure. I have to admit that I can barely watch it. It looks VERY painful. Some of the people who commented said that they had palmar Botox but it didn't work. Has anyone tried it? If so, please let us know how much it cost, if it worked (and, if so, for how long), and if it was painful.



Anonymous said...

Had it done only a few times. Cost about $1500-1600. Lasted 4-6 months. The results varied because of the Dr injecting it I think. 1 spaced the shots appropriately the other not so much. Took a week or so to kick in and at times during kick in sweated heavily. (Best to have Dr use a felt tip pen to map out all the injection sites before on the hands than letting them do it freehand.) Then at times during the 4-6 months still used a topical antipersperant. The injections were a fair amount of pain because shots are spaced a 1/4 to 1/2 inch apart. So there are quite a few. The times it worked well I thought it was worth it. But now I am not so sure. I feel like I am getting same results or even better using dehydral a couple times a week. And at a gigantic cost difference. Tube cost $20-30 and last months. Other topicals, which I have probably tried most if not all out there, never had any satisfactory results for me.

Tiara said...

Thanks, 7:34 a.m. for the reply...VERY helpful!

I'm hoping you see this and can answer a few follow-up questions.
1) Did you pay out of pocket for the Botox?
2) I'm not familiar with dehyral...can you tell me more about what it is and what it was like for you to use it?

I'd love to interview you for the blog (you can be anonymous)...please contact me at sweatypalmdiaries at yahoo.



Anonymous said...

I paid out of pocket after I found that it was slightly cheaper than using insurance. Go figure. If your insurance covers it what u should do is ask them what your part of the cost is. Then ask the Dr what it would be for cash price if you just pay them, no insurance. Then do the cheaper. Do the same for any prescription at the pharmacy. Always ask what the cash price is. Sometimes cheaper to just pay cash.

Dehydral is for the feet to stop sweating. I heard it can b used for hands. Antihydral is pretty much the same. Google it. :). So I tried it and works well enough for me. In past for my hands I have tried drysol and probably all the similar ones with no real improvements. the latest that didn't work for me was klima. iontophoresis was something I tried for a good long while with no real improvements either.

So at the moment best thing I have used is dehydral.

Anonymous said...

Using dehydral.

I have used it for several months now and find it very simple to use. However it can really dry the skin if you use too much and turn it yellowish.

It comes in a tube and is a brown colored paste similar to some toothpastes in consistency. I like to use as little as possible every other night or longer intervals. I put it on my hands before going to sleep. I put about an inch long amount on one palm and wet the other with water to moisten. Then rub them together. The water helps thin it to spread a light coat over my hands. Then I let it dry and go to sleep. It dries in a couple minutes. It really does the trick. In areas of my hand that sweat heavier I apply slightly thicker.

I would assume these steps could apply to antihydral as well.

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