Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sweaty Girl, Not Interrupted

It's always good to stumble on a fellow sweaty girl with a sense of humor. Check out Sweaty Girl Diaries, a new blog written by an 18-year-old "sweaty but hawt" college student with hyperhidrosis. "You can be sweaty but still be hawt," she writes.




Sweaty and hawt. said...

Ahh thank you for this! I enjoy reading your blog and I'm glad we can relate!

Grace Orji said...

I'm 24, a Nigerian and suffering from HH. I'm in the university, socializing and writing is a big problem for me. Being in a serious relationship is a problem for me as well cos I'm scared dey won't want me anymore. Is this HH outgrown or a lifetime condition? Cos its frustration and emotional effect is killing me. Pls help Me. Thank You.