Friday, October 27, 2006

"It's Us in Our True Form"

Thanks to Sarah, who is "22 and from good old Sydney, Australia," who took the time to share her story:

I always used to sweat (excessively with exercise) but even when I did nothing at all. Most commonly my underarms would just drip water (even after a shower!!) - it would scare me because I'd think, why the heck is there water trickling down under my arm when I've only just showered and dried. It used to frustrate me, to the point I've only ever worn black & dark colours, I hardly ever wear T-shirts unless black! I always get that annoying dampness (WHICH IS HUGE in size - like a flood) under my arms. It's so F*cking embarrassing.

I used to work at a pharmacy so I knew there were treatments & I did a lot of research on excessive hyperhydrosis such as getting botox injections into the glands (like Linsday Lohan), and or removing them completely & using alumininium hexahydrate chloride antiperspirants such as Dri-Clor. I know everything is bad for you in the long term, but it did seem to work for me for awhile, it was the after irritation that leave me scratching like I had fleas.

I've just learned to deal with it because it's all I know. It embarrasses me when I'm getting close to someone that I'll be sweaty & I Havent even done anything. It upsets me my shirt is always soaked and I have to hide it. :(

I thought it was only my underarms, but I have noticed my hands are ALWAYS cold and slightly clammy, and my feet! I didnt know they sweat - But i've noticed my socks are always soaked and damp. But foot odour is evidence there excessive sweating down there.

I'm sticking to natural cotton materials and I'd rather stay away from
anything so concentrated with Aluminium because afterall, humans
shouldnt have to wear anything - it's us in our true form.

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