Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The ring!

We bought an engagement ring, and I had it sized today. My hands were a little sweaty while I was trying on different size bands. "Were you just out walking a lot?" the salesguy asked me. I said yes. It would have been interesting if I had said "oh, that's just my hyperhidrosis acting up again!" I am so used to hiding my condition that I didn't think twice about telling the guy I was out walking briskly, when in fact I hadn't.

What if all of us with HH stopped hiding our condition at the same time?

I've never worn rings before ... I suppose because I didn't want people to notice my hands. I'll get the ring back in about a week. I'm a little afraid others will want to hold my hand while looking at it.

Damn it...I want to enjoy the ring!


Susanna said...

Hey- just a comment to say thanks for writing so much about HH. I've had it ever since I can remember- and it's always been an embarassing subject for me.This post is dated Oct 17th- so I'm not sure if you blog anymore- but thanks anyway.

Tiara said...

Hi Susanna, thanks for your feedback. Yes, I'm still blogging--about once every week or two as time allows (and when inspiration comes).