Monday, October 30, 2006

The Wet Hands Club

At first, the Wet Hands Club sounds like a good idea: "The Wet Hands Club is possibly the first of its kind in Malaysia, formed as a support group for people with palmar hyperhidrosis, or excessively sweaty palms."

Three "wet hands sufferers" formed the club "as a platform to share their experiences in order to help other people with hyperhidrosis."

Yes, I'm all for people with hyperhidrosis supporting each other and sharing experiences. That's what this blog is for. However, in an effort to help HH sufferers, the club negotiated "for an interest-free instalment payment scheme with Maybank-Visa for those wishing to undergo the video-assisted thoracoscopic sympathectomy procedure at a selected private hospital in Kuala Lumpur." No mention of the all-too-common side effects of this procedure. Too many patients report compensatory sweating much worse than ever.

Please, Wet Hands Club, make it clear that surgery is a last resort. There are many less-invasive treatments for people to consider before the surgery.


Anonymous said...

Hi Tiara,
Thanks for this post which made me aware of the Malaysian group. I am the owner of the Hyperhidrosis Support in Singapore yahoo group:

I've posted on


Anonymous said...

hmm..if you take a look at their forum, ( will see other treatments are being discussed too and not just about the surgery. i consulted the founder of the club personally and was actually advised to have the surgery ONLY if everything else fails. side effects (compensatory sweating) will surely occur but it will depend on individuals on how severe it will be. browse through the forum and you might just stumble on a majority of those which had the surgery who find the effects to be negligible or tolerable :) since my HH is really bad, i am considering VTS since it is now more afforadable.

Anonymous said...

hello Tiara, nice blog =),

dropping this link for you to read, you and others may find it useful.

hope your day is good =D


Tiara said...

Hi anonymous (commenting about the 'wet hands club') -- I took a second look at their site after reading your comment. You're right--I was a little harsh. They now talk about non-surgical options and emphasize surgery as a last resort. It was a while back when I wrote this post, but I think the site didn't contain all that information back then.

Anonymous said...

Help me..pls

Anonymous said...

Fast forward to 2011. The surgical treatment has been a safe procedure in good hands of a skilled surgeon. Few of the patients that do experience compensatory sweating over chest, back, & thigh says that it is far more tolerable and bearable compared to sweaty palms n wet armpits mark on their shirt/dress. Just to share with u Tiara, hospital kuala lumpur vascular surgery unit offers this minimally invasive surgical treatment at very little price. . .Make that nominal. Go for a consultation, u might want to change your mind about going unde the knife. Just my 2 cents worth