Monday, October 09, 2006

This weekend, I held hands with a group of people and actually enjoyed it! My palms sweated only a little. I never thought I'd see the day!

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Anonymous said...

I can't help but notice this blog that you have set up. I was just searching for information about HH through wikipedia and your website was one of the links that provided information and first-hand experience about it. I admire your courage to share your experiences on handling this condition. The reason why I'm writing this comment is because I'm also suffering from it. The experiences you have shared have made me realize that there are also other people who try to cope up with HH. Based on the information in wikipedia, I'm actually surprised that it's generally a condition that applies to the female gender as I'm from the opposite gender. Yup, I guess males have it too. The embarassing moments are true as I've experienced it back in my childhood and growing years. I also experienced being embarassed to hold my fiance's hand before(we're married now). Though I've come to accept the condition, I still find myself a bit embarassed when I use computers in public, or attend events requiring to hold another person's hand. One boost of confidence that I had was when I discovered Driclor. I've been using it since and it has really given me a lot of confidence to wear clothes without having to worry about excessive underarm perspiration. I hope that a treatment for sweaty palms would come out soon, such as an effective lotion or so. Can't hurt to hope, right?