Friday, March 02, 2007

Why didn't I post for nearly 3 months?

The typical travel, busy at my job, etc.

But there's more. I wish my hyperhidrosis would just go away on its own. And if I'm writing and thinking about it all the time, then maybe it won't go away? And more people had been starting to respond to my blog and asking me for advice, and since I'm not a doctor or a therapist, I don't want to give advice.

What I'm realizing is that people just want to be heard. They don't want advice. Like when friends advise me to wear sandals that expose most of my feet so the sweat dries off. They mean well, but it doesn't work because the sandals fall off my feet. The only advice I want regarding my hyperhidrosis is (1) medical advice from a doctor who GETS IT and (2) practical tips from those who have hyperhidrosis. Most importantly, I want to hear other people's stories, and help share those stories with others. That's how we're going to heal.

Oddly, my hyperhidrosis got worse during my blogging hiatus.

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Stephanie said...

Hi Tiara,
Glad to see your blog is back! I appreciate knowing others deal with HH, too... I am in my early 30's and my HH seemed to get worse the last couple of years. Of course, living in Florida, I guess everyone sweats, so I think my Doc thought I was nuts when I told her I sweat too much :-) I never treated it before, but decided to since last summer it was really bothering me... I use iotonphoresis for my hands, certain dri for armpits, and sometimes drysol on feet. I do feel like my sweating has improved, my underarms almost never sweat now. My hands are much better, too, and my feet don't bother me so much as I wear flipflops most of the time. Anyways, just wanted to share with you and other readers!